To schedule an appointment, first select a date and time. Then complete the contact information. In Reason for visit, please indicate the purpose for scheduling your appointment. If you are scheduling a 2nd or later appointment, this field can be left blank.

Terms and Conditions: You understand that you are paying a deposit which grants you permission to schedule an appointment. This deposit is only refundable is you arrive at your scheduled appointment within 15 minutes of its scheduled time and you participate in the hypnosis session as requested. Upon completion of your appointment, this money will be refunded to you. This is done to eliminate those individuals who schedule a free session and do not show up. Since there are a limited number of free sessions per week, this effectively stops someone else from taking advantage of this free offer. You agree that you will make every attempt to honor your appointment date and time and notify HYPNOSIS ERIE as soon as possible by cancelling your appointment online or calling our office. Even with a reasonable excuse, HYPNOSIS ERIE can still choose to not refund your appointment deposit. Repeated cancellations can prohibit you from scheduling future appointments.