I appreciate the kindness of those who are willing to share their hypnosis experience with others so that they can have courage and confidence to experience it for themselves.

I’ve struggled with biting my nails my entire life. I’ve tried bad tasting nail polish, fake nails, gloves, tape, willpower, you name it. I wasn’t sure if hypnosis would work and was a bit skeptical. But honestly, what did I have to lose? I went into my first session with an open mind and came out new and improved! I had no urge to bite my nails, and better yet, I no longer found myself biting my nails without realizing it. I was surprised at how different and better this was than willpower or anything else I tried in the past. I had an interview the next day and I did not bite my nails once that day! Thank you, Dave! – MG

Nail Biting

My relationship with chocolate seemed to be getting unhealthy.  I have always liked it but started really craving it.  Thoughts of chocolate would interrupt my day.  After one short session with Dave  I ate no chocolate at all.  Didn’t think about it.  No cravings.  No hardship at all.  As a matter of fact I didn’t want it at all even if someone handed me a piece.  After several months I wanted to see if I could have control over eating a small amount.  I didn’t want to never eat it again, I wanted to be in control.  That went fine and almost two years later I can eat it and enjoy it but still have no cravings.  That session was such a gift! – NL

Chocolate Craving

I’ve had an eating disorder my entire adult life. After my first session with Dave, I noticed a dramatic change. I no longer had the urges I once had. After the second session, I am finding my appetite and body beginning to return to “normal”. We have more work to do. But I am so pleased with the results after just two sessions. – KB

Eating Disorder

Before I tried hypnosis with Dave, I could not stop my cyclical thoughts. After the 1st session, I was able to calm down enough to focus on the present. Also helped me to be able to sleep better at night. Thanks Dave! – Tiff


I’m doing real good with no urges. Thank you for what you’ve done for me. – Jeff
(Jeff was a 1-1/2 pack per day smoker for 30 years prior to his single hypnosis session.)


Dave relieved the pain of some left over anxiety I was feeling. It was a pleasant and relaxing experience. Thanks Dave! – Debbie


I lost 37 pounds over 9 weeks. Dave helped my curb my cravings. Even the things I didn’t want to give up, he helped to gradually release these until I could be satisfied with just a bite instead of an entire piece or a bag! It was amazing. I really appreciate how he used “Pleasure the Pounds Away” approach to make it fun and enjoyable.  – RC

Weight Loss

Dave was so great to work with. He is very understanding and helped me use various techniques to overcome my anxiety. Would highly recommend to anyone.  – AH


Dave has a true gift to start you on a pathway of healing, health, and happiness.  – LB

Self Esteem